“It’s their job, they should just do it!”

If you, as a Director or Owner, have had similar thoughts, this webinar is for you.

Inspire! Care 360 Founder & CEO, Tony D’Agostino, was joined by Vernon Mason Jr. MEd, discussed the following topics and gave us a sense of reality:

  • Finding successful leaders.
  • Leveraging incentives.
  • Motivating beyond self-motivation.
  • Increasing your quality recruits.
  • Decreasing your top-talent turnovers.
  • New ideas and some out of the box thinking for incentives and motivation.

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Vernon H. Mason, Jr. M.Ed.
Author, Humorist, Inspiring Keynote Speaker and Workshop Trainer Extraordinaire

Vernon Mason has been an early childhood administrator for over 28 years with a master’s degree in Early Childhood Administration from National Louis University.  With a $5,000 credit card in 1991 he and his mother opened a small child care center with a capacity of 30 that grew to 125. In 1999 it was destroyed by a natural disaster. After rebuilding and starting over in just 2 years Vernon grew WEE SCHOOL to 248 children. When he turned 40 he purchased 3 troubled childcare centers in just 12 months. What a midlife crisis! He still wonders why he didn’t have an affair or buy a sports car like everybody else. In 2019 Vernon retired from operations and of his five centers with 125 staff caring for 700 children. He now spends his time traveling the world, improving our community by spreading joy, improving the operations of programs, which improves the teachers and the quality of care provided.