ECE CEO Biography

Sage Wisdom for Childcare Leaders

Join us on ‘ECE CEO Biography’, where we invite top ECE Executives to share their experiences and insights. Our mission is to offer our community wisdom that can benefit others and highlight the significant value of ECE leadership.


Deepanshu ‘Deep’ Pandita CEO of KIDO Schools

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience - someone once told me the sign of a successful 1-1 podcast episode is one where both participants feel like they could have gone on for hours subsequently! I'd say Tony and I checked that box - he was very good at bringing the trajectory back to the themes being discussed and not letting either of us (mostly me) get carried away. Keep up the good work.

Gigi Schweikert CEO of Lightbridge Academy

Our conversation on the podcast with Tony was so genuine and natural. The time flew by quickly, focused on the topic of leadership which is a passion of mine. Tony's talent for building thoughtful dialogue effortlessly.

Jeff Wahl CEO of Big Blue Marble Academy

The one hour podcast with Tony felt much more like a ten minute catch up with an old friend. He’s not only a warm host and a natural interviewer, but he also knows our space cold.

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This podcast features biographical interviews with today’s top leaders throughout the Childcare, Montessori and Early Care and Education community globally. We seek to understand the ascension of individuals who have come to lead medium to the large size schools. We explore their background, influences, philosophies, experiences, mistakes and wisdom gained from their experiences that is practical to help all of us on our leadership journey.

Meet Your Host

Tony D'Agostino

Inspire Care 360 Founder & CEO

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