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AI Access to Your State Regulations

Obtain instant responses to your inquiries, whether basic or intricate, regarding state regulations through AI assistance.

Unlimited Inquiries

Ask as many questions as you want, whether on a smart device or PC. There is no limit to your curiosity!

State Specific

Choose your state, or another, and specify whether you require information on Federal CACFP regulations as well.

Reference Pages

Each response will be accompanied by a link to the corresponding sections within the selected state regulations, providing additional in-depth information.


An AI Intelligence for ECE Professionals

Unlike other AI systems like ChatGPT, looks specifically at current regulations for our industry and your state, and is kept up to date as regulations change. No more weeding through sources and trying to find actual regulations versus an editorial blog. As you use, the system will only get smarter - producing more accurate results faster. Other AI platforms can only read documents of up to 4-25k words. Ours can looks at 200k words PLUS. We support over 100 languages.

What Is It? is a revolutionary AI chatbot from Inspire Care 360 designed to help ECE administrators get the state-specific regulatory answers they need in seconds. No more wasting time skimming 400-page documents to maybe get the answer you’re looking for.

Who Is It For?

Owners, directors, administrators and staff of childcare facilities across the nation that need to know ‘what the state says’ about their unique situations in a fast and easy way.