Health Insurance Benefits
for Childcare Staff

ECE Healthy Advantage: Give your childcare staff
the health insurance benefits that matter

Create a
Nurturing & Nourishing Environment
for Your Team

Cultivate a
Stellar Team

Create a significant differentiator in recruiting

Highly flexible and affordable for lower income teammates

Foster a healthy, loyal, and dedicated workforce

Remarkable Results

Boost staff morale by over 50%

Drastically reduce attrition rates


Designed to fit seamlessly within your budget

Full compliance with Part A of the Affordable Care Act, saving you from penalties

Your Team's Health
is Everything

Staying well is critical to staying in ratio
A healthy staff is a more engaged staff
Investing in health is an investment in your culture

Discover IC360’s transformational solution today and witness the growth and success of your childcare business!

Affordable Medical Plan
Options for Everyday Care

Ultra, plus copays for Brand RX, specialist visits, labs, and x-rays

Virtual, plus copays for Primary Care visits and Urgent Care, Network discount applied to specialist visits, labs, and x-rays

Basic, plus copays for generic RX and behavioral health (3x/year)

Preventive Care paid at 100%, telehealth with $0 copay, RX discount

If an employee doesn’t choose a plan, you as the employer can choose to give everyone access to Telemedicine. There are also voluntary supplemental plans available!

Our supplementary plans include: 

  • Dental Plan with Optional Vision Benefit
  • Group Accident Insurance
  • Group Medical Bridge Insurance
  • Group Critical Care Insurance

Not sure which plan is right for you? That’s okay – let’s talk and we’ll help you figure out the best fit!

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Let IC360 Administer Your Program

We’ll take the hard work off your shoulders and get your employees set up with the plan that makes the most sense for them. As part of benefits administration, we will…

Conduct a Census

Educate Your Staff

Promote Awareness

Virtual or Face-to-Face Rollout

Manage Through Employee Navigator

Manage Payroll Information

Learn & Enroll

Start the journey towards employee well-being with our health care plans designed specifically for ECE professionals

On-Demand Webinar Replay

The Secret to Attracting & Retaining Top Childcare Talent with ECE Healthy Advantage

Hear firsthand from Michelle Ellis, Executive Director of Care-a-lot Child Care, on the impact of ECE Healthy Advantage, emphasizing the value of investing in your staff through comprehensive benefits. Plus, join Jessica Wright, GM & SVP of Operations, for a live demo showcasing the user experience and the program’s unparalleled advantages in the childcare industry.

Hear From Our Members

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover answers to common questions about ECE Healthy Advantage, ensuring clarity and confidence as you contemplate providing our health and wellness support to your valuable early childhood education team.

Why ECE Healthy Advantage?

IC360 ECE is built specifically for the needs of ECE and childcare employees. It includes flexible plan options for all needs, negotiated national pricing plans, unmatched benefit administration, and your trusted partner, Inspire Care 360. 

How is this different than a 'true medical' plan?

A major medical plan covers expenses and services after a designated cost share is met (deductible, coinsurance, copay), and covered services include inpatient and outpatient expenses.  The MEC plans cover everyday expenses with a copay or discount, with NO deductible; the plans do not cover hospital services or surgeries, except where ER services are specifically covered.    

What does the benefit administration take care of?

The benefits administration will walk your employees through the benefit options available to them and coach them through product prices as to existing programs. They handle all benefit and claims questions on all programs, management of your benefits, and support is always available.  

How do I get started with ECE Healthy Advantage?

We will set up a one-on-one with an IC360 team member to go over plan details and schedule your onboarding call. You will receive your onboarding materials and meet with your IC360 team member and our enrollment specialist to ensure a streamlined process. Once onboarding materials are submitted, you will receive additional forms to sign and return. You will be sent a census to complete for your eligible staff.

The Health Insurance Option for Your ECE Employees

ECE Healthy Advantage by Inspire Care 360 is the ideal health benefits solution crafted specifically for Early Childhood Education (ECE) professionals. Our program is not only affordable but also flexible, aligning with the Affordable Care Act standards. Designed to meet the unique needs of ECE staff, it provides the comprehensive health coverage your team desires.

Recruitment & Retention

As a powerful recruitment and retention tool, ECE Healthy Advantage offers a competitive edge in attracting and retaining top talent in the early childhood education sector. The program emphasizes proactive health and well-being, ensuring that your staff is supported both physically and mentally.

Affordable & Flexible

Our affordable and flexible approach to health benefits makes quality healthcare accessible to all. By choosing ECE Healthy Advantage, you're not just investing in the health of your educators; you're making a strategic decision to create a positive and supportive work environment that contributes to long-term staff satisfaction and commitment.

For ECE Professionals

Explore the transformative benefits of ECE Healthy Advantage today and enhance your institution's ability to attract, retain, and support the dedicated professionals shaping the future of early childhood education. Prioritize the well-being of your team with a solution designed to meet their needs effectively.

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