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Our people are our largest investment. Our business survives and thrives due to our team members. The secret sauce to success in our humble opinion, is a school’s ability to connect and engage its team members throughout their career lifecycle working for your daycare, childcare or school.

To do this not only affectively, but legally, it has become increasingly important to ensure you are meeting both state and federal requirements as well as providing the best environment for staff to grow and seek a career with your company.

Inspire Care 360 offers you a comprehensive package of Human Resource solutions for your childcare / daycare office support to meet your immediate, short-term and long-term needs. We combine the value of HR expertise with a platform of tools, wizards and up to date state based, attorney reviewed, information so you are empowered to succeed!

ECE HR Solutions

HR Expert

Tired of reaching out to an attorney or an HR specialist, just to get billed by the minute? Not anymore with your access to IC360 HR Experts.

Tired of reaching out to an attorney or an HR specialist, just to get billed by the minute? Not anymore with your access to IC360 HR Experts.

  • What is the policy for staff dating a parent?
  • Should you fire an employee who is breaking code of conduct?
  • How do you communicate a dress code issue?
  • Can you ask your team to do training from home? If so, do you need to pay them?

Correctly answering these questions, and thousands more like them, can help you avoid Department of Labor audits from State and Federal governments, and avoid enormous expense and possibly business closure. Our HR expert gives you peace of mind that someone is there to catch you, consult with you and get you the best answers possible.

HR Compliance Edge
Wizards and Tools

Performance appraisals even once a year are extremely time consuming. Finding an expedited way to cut the time in half would certainly help your Directors! This tool not only saves huge amount of time but ensures you follow your State and Federal Department of Labor requirements. Our HR Compliance Edge solution will walk you through challenging, tedious, or required processes. Imagine sending a total compensation letter with professional charts to new hires on how they are compensated and the benefits you may offer like childcare, health benefits, lunches, and a 401K. We’ve seen this make a significant difference when recruiting against other job offers.

HR Compliance Edge Training

As your staff expands and evolves you will have an ongoing need to educate your admin team, and yourself, on all the top Human Resource issues such as hiring, firing, motivating, ethics and severance. As part of your membership, you have a library of over 100 courses specific to these needs. Play on demand so your team can make decisions as needed or in advance!

HR Compliance
Edge Platform and Database

Your Compliance Edge Platform comes with around the clock access to hundreds of state and federal documents that you can leverage. From policy and procedures to annual I-9 forms and much more. Updated constantly, the compliance Edge platform, gives you attorney reviewed forms, tools and documents to support every one of your organizations HR needs.

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The IC360 Difference

Included in Your Membership

The cost alone of unlimited access to an HR expert, specific to your state, pays for the entire Membership alone! In addition, you’ll have the quick access to a live human, efficiency tools and forms well organized and easy to access as needed by your admin team.

We Answer the Phone

Our HR experts, pick up the phone when you call (or call you back within 4 hours). You do not need to put a call in to attorneys, HR consultants, or payroll companies, just to learn they may call you back before the end of the week. Get the answers when you need them, today!

Department of Labor Audit Avoidance

One of the costliest things an ECE center can endure is a State or Federal Department of Labor audit. These audits, unlike the IRS, can charge you insurmountable penalties that may shut your doors. We are there to support and protect you from pitfalls like these. From trainings, online resources to using our expertise, you can count on us!

Save Significant Time and Energy

Your Payroll company has some of the answers, your attorney has others and maybe an HR consultant, others yet. You will find between our experts and our database you will have a well-organized, highly accessible solution for all of your HR needs.

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Our #1 priority here at Inspire Care 360 is your happiness. We stand by our Membership 100%. If you have a problem, we will solve it. If we cannot solve it, you will not be responsible for the remainder of the agreement.