IC360 Rep

A Comprehensive Review Platform for ECE

You never get a second chance at
making a good first impression

– Will Rogers

With the advent of social media and its immense and immediate stream of thoughts and opinions; your reputation is always at risk.

Anthony D’Agostino
Founder and CEO of Inspire Care 360

You do not own the opinions of your business; the public does.
All of your effort, hardwork, and dreams for what your school should be,
have little effect on how the public perceives your business unless you
choose to take part in championing and managing it proactively.

Understanding and maintaining your school’s reputation plays a
significant role in determining long-term success. A good reputation
instills trust, attracts the finest teachers, and can be the deciding factor
for a family to attend for your school.

Family Reviews

These types of reviews help the child care business to understand the parents’ needs and expectations for their child. Being able to voice their concerns would also be an opportunity for parents to have their anxieties eased.

Staff Reviews

These types of reviews help to build a healthy work culture and the environment in the institution. Employee grievances can be considered through staff reviews, which would enhance the organization’s internal communication.

Interview Reviews

Your most important element is to recruit top team members to take care of the next generation of kids with IC360 REP, learn why prospective employees choose to come with you or select another company to go with.

Tour Reviews

Everyone wants to understand why a family chose you or, better yet, why they didn’t? Now you will find out!

An automated reputation management system can help you seamlessly manage your star ratings on Google, Facebook, Great Schools, Care.com, Yelp,
Angie’s List, etc. However, the process should be managed in advance and over a dedicated amount of time. The value of positive feedback overtime
cements a reputation as to a quick spurt of positive mentions which have temporary value.

IC360 Rep offers a one-point solution that helps you understand everything from family tour perceptions to what an interviewee thinks once your staff
has interviewed them.

IC360 REP is a comprehensive review platform that caters to all your family and staff’s positive thoughts about you. However, in the digital world, a
negative experience rarely escapes the limelight. The availability of social media platforms’ have made it exceptionally easy for people to express their
point of view.

Now you can ensure your ratings’ credibility and ascertain the immediate redressal of any family or staff members’ concerns. Moreover, the fully
automated system notifies you of all the reviews through detailed reports.

Reviews are an excellent way to bring to light the concerns of the existing families and staff members that owner-operators may not see when they
personally are not customer/family facing. Moreover, it acts as a reliable source to ascertain the quality of family tours and interviews.

IC360 REP helps to build a resilient brand and a reputation that becomes difficult to hurt. It will also help you to gain more 4 star and 5 stars reviews.

Key Differentiators

  • Customer and staff reviews
  • Family tour reviews
  • Stop bad reviews before they happen.
  • Interview reviews
  • Gain more 4 star and 5 star reviews.

The ONLY review platform specific for the Childcare
and Education industry.


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