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Fortify Your Means to Train & Communicate With Your Schools, Seamlessly

Unleash the Power of Membership with IC360’s Enterprise Package
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Dramatically Reduce Turnover

Elevate your team’s competencies and professional development.  

Streamline Your Operations

Eliminate the cumbersome process leveraging your own courseware, job-aid creation and dissemination, content forms, ongoing CEUs, PIP Plan training, and performance merit management.

Offer Cutting-Edge Efficiency

Access IC360’s Center of Excellence and take advantage of our institutional knowledge and best practices. Plus, minimize non-scalable costs and eliminate the inefficiencies of an internal expense line.

Maximize Your Potential

Leverage our comprehensive HR experts, wizard tools, forms, and training – all customized to help increase your success.

WELCOME, childcare business leaders of corporate-owned and operated childcares and franchisors.

As industry peers, we understand the unique challenges you face in managing and growing your childcare business. That’s why we are here to introduce you to Inspire Care 360, the best possible solution designed to revolutionize your operations and support your franchisees and corporation locations. The time to act is now, as the landscape becomes increasingly competitive and the need for efficiency and excellence has never been more pressing.

Building and maintaining in-house solutions for learning and development, performance management, HR, and merit services can be a significant pain and burden for your organization.

That’s where Inspire Care 360 comes in, offering a comprehensive suite of services that address your specific needs, without the extensive investment and effort required to create and manage these solutions internally.

Here’s why you need Inspire Care 360 by your side…

Why Choose Inspire Care 360?

Empowering Your Childcare Corporation's Success

  • Added Flexibility: With Inspire Care 360, you gain the ability to expand or contract your services as needed, without the significant investment and logistical challenges of building and scaling internal solutions. 
  • Increased Efficiency: Achieve more with less internal staff, as our world-class talent specializes in developing, managing, and servicing your business. We bring the expertise and resources to help you thrive as a big fish in a small pond. 
  • Significantly Reduce Costs: By partnering with Inspire Care 360, you can achieve substantial cost savings, allowing you to be more competitive and profitable in the industry. 
  • Additional Internal Resources: Inspire Care 360 enables you to re-task your internal staff to focus on revenue-generating initiatives, freeing up valuable resources to drive growth. 
  • Reduce Risks: Avoid the risks associated with relying on less experienced staff or dealing with the challenges of key personnel leaving for new roles. Inspire Care 360 provides stability and continuity to ensure seamless operations. 
  • Greater Peace of Mind: We hold ourselves highly accountable to our clients, providing service level agreements and guaranteed turnaround times, giving you peace of mind that your business is in capable hands. 
  • Improves Services: With Inspire Care 360, you’ll always have access to cutting-edge services and technology updates that have been rigorously tested. Experience rapid gains in efficiencies as our solutions continuously evolve to stay competitive. 
  • Greater Opportunities: When it comes to your expense line, leaders understand the value of choosing the best solutions for the greatest value. Inspire Care 360 allows you to optimize performance and value, rather than building a large expense line internally. 
  • Customized APIs: Streamline your data connectivity to your HRIS or HCM environments with direct connections with your data on employees, and or families to update daily or in real-time within your University from Inspire Care 360. Cut out repetitive data entry and create significant efficiencies with our technology team well versed in assisting in managing your data. 
The benefits of Inspire Care 360 extend far beyond the initial implementation. Our solutions offer ongoing support, continuous improvement, and unparalleled value. Join the growing list of successful childcare corporations and franchisors who have unlocked their full potential with Inspire Care 360.
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