Inspire Care 360 Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Inspire Care 360 is your childcare business partner. We help independently owned early learning childcare schools become more efficient and profitable.

Inspire Care 360 was born in 2016 out of the need to support childcare owners and operators throughout the nation. Our founder and CEO, Tony D'Agostino, had owned and operated six locations, and still currently owns and operates three locations. Throughout his journey he had learned that to be successful as a childcare/ECE business, you have to juggle an awful lot of responsibilities and tasks.

IC360 was developed to be your business partner so we can support you in key areas such as recruitment, professional development, and staff engagement. We also saw the need to create solutions for truly affordable and practical HR Solutions and Health Care benefits. We focus on all of this as well as the profitability of your school because we want to see you thrive!

  • Family Handbook
  • Staff Handbook
  • Onboarding
  • Orientation
  • Staff & Family Exit Interviews
  • Healthy Advantage*
  • Reputation Roadmap
  • Digital Marketing
  • PR Crisis Support
  • Group Purchasing
  • Financial Experts**
  • Professional Development
  • HR Solutions
  • Member Hub
  • Inspire University
  • U-Build eLearning

*Separate program with owner & employee premiums.

**Initial consult included. Additional charges for continued service.

A Member Advocate is someone from our team designated to your Childcare School to make sure that you are satisfied with your Membership and getting what you need for success. They provide direct support by providing guidance through the various stages of running a successful childcare business by utilizing our solutions.

Inspire Care 360 has created a private Facebook page for members only. We share updates on webinars, info on solutions, and encourage questions to be posted in the discussion so we can all help each other. We would love for you to join our group!

Follow the link below to request to join:

Your Member Advocate is happy to walk you through all of the solutions available to you!


Contact our Member Advocates here:

When you’re ready to speak to one of our financial advisors, simply call or email our Member Advocate team and they'll walk you through the steps afterwards.



*Initial consultation is included in your membership. Additional fees apply thereafter.


Request a tour below:



Healthy Advantage is your one-stop-shop for health insurance offerings for your childcare staff – with a range of highly affordable programs to meet all types of staff needs. From robust health plans to dental and vision options, ECE Healthy Advantage is designed specifically for the unique needs of early care education organizations.

We’ve already negotiated great rates for you – and we include unmatched benefit administration that is always at your fingertips. Now you can offer your staff the kind of childcare health plan that you always dreamed of – large company quality, easy management, and access to online tools, combined with amazing affordability.

Learn more here:

Want to see how Healthy Advantage can fit into your Childcare school? Send an email here and our team will contact you:

*Healthy Advantage is an additional solution, fees apply.

IC360 offers staff and family handbooks that are personalized to match the voice and brand of your childcare school. If your handbooks aren’t already online, we help you get them there as well. Stop confusion about policy and procedure with our easy to share and update handbooks.

When a staff or family leaves your childcare school, you may get a reason, but it is usually the tip of the iceberg. More often than not, people don’t want to ‘rock the boat’ or get anyone in trouble, so they don’t say anything. As business owners who care about our staff and families, we don’t want this. IC360 comes in to interview your staff and families when they leave as a third party to provide you with:

• Candid and factual feedback
• Solutions to repair relationships
• Insight on how to better lead and coach their staff
• An opportunity to decrease turnover
• A better understanding of how to optimize operations

(2) exit interviews (total) per month are included in your membership. Want to add more? No problem, there is a small fee that applies.


Want to set up an exit interview or have a question? Contact our Member Advocates below:



Here are the HR Solutions available to you:

HR Expert
Our HR experts answer the phone when you call (or call you back within 4 hours). You do not need to put a call into attorneys, HR consultants, or payroll companies, just to learn they may call you back before the end of the week. Get the answers when you need them, today!

• What is the policy for staff dating a parent?
• Should you fire an employee who is breaking the code of conduct?
• How do you communicate a dress code issue?
• Can you ask your team to do training from home? If so, do you need to pay them?

Call 1-800-655-5659, option 3.
Hours: 9 AM – 8 PM, Monday through Friday

HR Compliance Edge Wizard & Tools
Our HR Compliance Edge solution will walk you through challenging, tedious, or required processes. Imagine sending a total compensation letter with professional charts to new hires on how they are compensated and the benefits you may offer like childcare, health benefits, lunches, and a 401K. We’ve seen this make a significant difference when recruiting against other job offers.

HR Compliance Edge Training
As your staff expands and evolves you will have an ongoing need to educate your admin team, and yourself, on all the top Human Resource issues such as hiring, firing, motivating, ethics and severance. As part of your membership, you have a library of over 100 courses specific to these needs. Play on-demand so your team can make decisions as needed or in advance!

HR Compliance Edge Platform & Database
Your Compliance Edge Platform comes with around-the-clock access to hundreds of state and federal documents that you can leverage. From policy and procedures to annual I-9 forms and much more. Updated constantly, the compliance Edge platform gives you attorney-reviewed forms, tools, and documents to support every one of your organization’s HR needs.