Are you struggling to keep up with ever-changing compliance regulations in your childcare business?

Imagine Kelly, a dedicated childcare business owner, who recently faced a surprise compliance audit. Despite her best efforts, she found herself overwhelmed by the complexity and ever-changing nature of regulations. To feel ready for your next compliance audit, join our upcoming webinar with special guest Lynn Wenger, Founder & President of The Compliance Alliance, on Tuesday, August 20th at 1:30 PM EST. Learn about the latest trends and best practices in compliance, and gain actionable insights to help your early education business stay ahead and succeed.

Don’t miss this opportunity to ensure your business’s compliance and boost its performance!

• When does compliance become a priority?
• Trends in compliance best practices
• Lessons from multisite operators
• Insights from the LineLeader 2024 Benchmark Study
• The Compliance Alliance mission

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Meet Our Guest

Lynn Wenger

Founder & President of The Compliance Alliance