Childcare Employee
Orientation & Onboarding​

Childcare employee orientation and on-boarding can seem like a daunting task unless there is a streamlined and systematic system in place.
At IC360, we focus on three critical areas to ensure that onboarding childcare company new hires feel welcomed, informed and empowered.

Online & On-Demand Courses


  • Creates a personalized and structured approach for the orientation of new hires.
  • Designed specifically for your ECE school, keeping your systems and structures in mind.
  • Frees up the time of directors and other managerial staff who would normally have to handle the orientation process.
  • Considers the need to keep admin out of being part of ratio in the classroom and expedite new teachers into the classroom.
  • Allows an owner or senior operator to directly communicate, vision, mission, and values to all new hires.
  • Allows for consistency and transparency as all new hires have access to the same information.
  • Makes new staff feel more relaxed, confident, aware and ready to handle their responsibilities.
  • Ensures through testing that knowledge is retained.


  • 27 modules broken down by age ranges , allowing you to assign specific courses for teachers in specific programs.
  • The modules cover different age groups from 6 weeks, all the way up to 60 weeks as well as after school programs!
  • Automates and provides a digitizes solution to the entire process, making it simple to update or modify, as necessary.
  • Allows management to track the learning and progress of their team as they complete each course.
  • Meets the National Training Laboratory in Maine standards of 80% level of learning retention.
  • Gets everyone on the same page on operational knowledge and application.
  • Covers all standard teacher, administrative and emergency procedures.

    • Upon learning all processes and procedures, it provides a defined path as to how new staff can apply their knowledge on the job while they are observed.
    • Helps them get up to speed a lot faster, which leads to higher productivity.
    • Allows existing staff members to concentrate on key highly productive activities without investing extra time on training.
    • Ensures all standard operational procedures are aligned to the specific needs of your school(s).
    • Gives them more confidence to apply their learnings to practical situations.
    • According to the NTL Institute in Maine, new hires who shadow an existing staff member only retain 10% of what they have seen or heard. Our IC360 measured mentoring approach of learning concepts and then applying in real life situations results in an 80% retention rate.

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    The IC360 Difference

    Included in Your Membership

    Yes, you read it right! The School Orientation and On-boarding measured mentoring service comes at no extra cost and is included in your IC360 membership.

    Personalized to your Schools

    Our service is personalized to the key elements of your school. Therefore, we don’t give you an off-the-shelf product or video, but a bespoke offering that relates to your staff or team. We build a special message from the owner/operator into your courses so new hires feel welcome.

    Builds Consistency

    When you run an ECE center or a group of schools, there’s no doubt that it’s a team effort. Every member needs to be on board and on the same page, to achieve business goals. We will help you streamline your orientation, operational procedures and mentoring process to all staff to build a consistent workforce.

    Retains Staff

    Staff attrition is always a worry as it reduces morale and can discourage existing team members. Team members leave when they find it difficult to fit in and relate to the culture. Consider when you do not feel comfortable in an environment, you like all of us, want to leave the scene.

    Electronic Delivery, Access & Reporting

    This childcare staff handbook also keeps the management aware of when recipients have received, opened, and to what percentage they have completed the handbook. It records test score on completing and will provide a certificate of completion for 1 hour of foundational training.

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    100% Happiness Guarantee

    Our #1 priority here at Inspire Care 360 is your happiness. We stand by our Membership 100%. If you have a problem, we will solve it. If we cannot solve it, you will not be responsible for the remainder of the agreement.