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EPISODE #34: FEATURING Kate Woodward Young, M.Ed. & Carrie Casey

Join Tony D’Agostino, Founder and CEO of Inspire Care 360, as he hosts a discussion with Kate Woodward Young, M.Ed. & Carrie Casey from, tailored for childcare owners and operators facing unexpected challenges. Discover essential strategies such as maintaining fire-safe essentials, creating standard operating procedures, and implementing emergency “To-Go Bags” customized for different age groups and locations. Gain valuable insights on financial preparedness and insurance assessment to ensure your childcare business is well-prepared to handle emergencies effectively.

Key Takeaways

• Fire-Safe Essentials: Maintain a fire-safe with critical documents and information. Keep it easily accessible, review its contents regularly, and have both on-site and off-site copies.
• Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): Create and review SOPs with your team. Organize them like a recipe, listing components at the top and providing step-by-step instructions.
• Emergency “To-Go Bags”: Implement these bags in each childcare room, customized for different age groups and locations. Include items like backup phone batteries, emergency contacts, medical supplies, signaling devices, games for children, and snacks.
• Financial Preparedness: Consider financial preparations for emergencies, including keeping cash and prepaid debit cards in your emergency “To-Go Bags.”
• Insurance Assessment: Evaluate your insurance coverage, maintain meticulous records of your childcare items, and involve your team in documenting them through photos. This will be essential for insurance claims in case of emergencies.


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