ECE Employee Handbook

Have you ever seen a childcare employee handbook that’s a real page turner? Odds are you haven’t. Most childcare handbooks are dull, boring and filled with garbled information.

Here’s what happens when you don’t invest time and effort into creating the right childcare staff handbook.

  • You’re left with a product that’s expensive to print but offers zero return on investment, due to its design, purpose and content.
  • Your staff won’t be aware of your school’s mission, vision, policies or procedures, because they’ve skimmed through the pages like a restaurant menu.
  • Your team may be confused about basic issues such as time off and dress code.
  • Your school lacks structure, discipline and a code of conduct simply because everyone acts or behaves as they see fit.
  • Failure to meet state or federal Department of Labor requirements, opening the door to significant violations and costly penalties.

That’s why when we created a childcare handbook for the staff of your ECE. We personalize your childcare handbook with your school’s name and we focus on making it appealing, engaging and memorable.

Deliver the childcare staff handbook electronically to new hires before they start. Review policies and procedures with current and new staff.

Monitor when new and current staff review, test and acknowledged key areas of the handbook. Use this as your playbook for success!

The IC360 Difference

Included in Your IC360 Membership

In addition to a personalized Playbook for your schools, at no additional cost, we build it into an eCourse! Your team will be able to easily access, read and acknowledge your specific requirements from this easily deployable learning course.


Every company has a unique culture and environment based on their brand positioning. It’s important that your communication consistently reflects that culture. The ECE Handbook is personalized and designed to match the voice and branding of your business. This will draw your team together and instill confidence and camaraderie. Further, the handbook is carefully customized for the ECE industry.

Agreements & Acknowledgements

Designed to convey important information with absolute clarity and conviction. There is no room for ambiguity when it comes to policies like confidentiality, non-removal of intellectual property like curriculum and consequences of company defamation. It clearly convey policies in regard to actions of past employees. Solicitation of other staff or families and competing with the company is prohibited. Acknowledgement of these key policies will create an atmosphere of trust and transparency, which is paramount to the success of any business.


Don’t let your employee handbook become a distant memory! It should become a part of the DNA of your company and act as a daily guide to employee behavior. But how do you achieve that with a book? It’s simple. The ECE Handbook is designed to be interactive and engaging. With the addition of quizzes and a final exam, your staff will remember key aspects of the handbook.

Electronic Delivery, Access, and Reporting

This childcare staff handbook also keeps the management aware of when recipients have received, opened, and to what percentage they have completed the handbook. It records test score on completing and will provide a certificate of completion for 1 hour of foundational training.

Yearly Updates

The ECE Employee Handbook can be easily maintained, updated and kept relevant. There will be yearly updates upon request to regulate the changes in State and Federal regulations. Therefore, don’t think of it as a one-time activity. We will ensure that your team has current information that is accessible anytime and anywhere.

Don’t let your employee handbook gather dust on the shelf. Let us transform it into a dynamic and engaging document that can influence, guide and energize your team!

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