ECE Healthy Advantage Frequently Asked Questions

ECE Healthy Advantage
Frequently Asked Questions

IC360 ECE is built specifically for the needs of ECE and childcare employees. It includes flexible plan options for all needs, negotiated national pricing plans, unmatched benefit administration, and your trusted partner, Inspire Care 360 Inc.  

Five medical plan offerings, one dental/vision plan, four voluntary plans, and benefits administration  

IC360 TeleMed(only), IC360 WellCare, IC360 PrimeCare, IC360 OptimaCare, and IC360 EliteCare. The plans above cover 100% of wellness and preventive care for children and adults except for the TeleMed option. Copays for primary care visits, behavioral health-based, urgent care visits, and specialist visits based on what plan is chosen.  

Dental/Vision, Accident, Specific Disease, Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity, Disability, Cancer, Term and Whole Life. 

A major medical plan covers expenses and services after a designated cost share is met (deductible, coinsurance, copay), and covered services include inpatient and outpatient expenses.   The MEC plans cover everyday expenses with a copay or discount, with NO deductible; the plans do not cover hospital services or surgeries, except where ER services are specifically covered.    

Employees that work 20+ hours.

The benefits administration will walk your employees through the benefit options available to them and coach them through product prices as to existing programs. They handle all benefit and claims questions on all programs, management of your benefits, and support is always available.  

We provide you with materials to distribute via email or to print and handout. Members of IC360 have an informational course that can be sent out through their online classroom as well.  

We will set up a one-on-one with an IC360 team member to go over plan details and schedule your onboarding call. You will receive your onboarding materials and meet with your IC360 team member and our enrollment specialist to ensure a streamlined process. Once onboarding materials are submitted, you will receive additional forms to sign and return. You will be sent a census to complete for your eligible staff.

The owner or designated Plan Administrator.

Full demographic information (Name, SSN, address, DOB) as well as employment information (work location if multiple, DOH, average hours, wage, title); existing benefits are turned into a document used by the Benefit Counselors to gain an overview of the employee’s full benefit picture and avoid duplicate coverage.

Secure transmission is imperative: you (member-owner or PA) will be provided with a secure link to use in uploading sensitive information to a secure shared file.

Benefit Counselors will make initial calls, texts, or emails at the beginning of the enrollment period. They will request that the employee reply with the best time to take a couple of minutes to schedule their benefit session.  When known, the hours the employee is not available for a phone call will be avoided.

Insurance cards are sent within 2 weeks of the end of the enrollment. If we want cards to arrive by the first of the month of coverage, we will need to close the enrollment at least a full 2 weeks prior to the effective date. ID Cards will be sent to the Center for distribution.

Each employer will receive monthly invoicing.  The Colonial Life invoice will be issued during the last 10 days of the month of coverage and will reflect the number of deductions expected to have been taken that month.  SBMA will issue a monthly invoice for all employees that are covered for that month. Both Colonial Life and SBMA are paid in arrears.

The individual designated Plan Administrator during the onboarding process. This may be changed by the member.

You can always contact your IC360 Team Member to help assist you in getting your questions answered and you will have direct access to the benefits administration team.

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