ECE Certified Leadership
Development Program

A premier leadership program for owners and operators of Early Childcare and Education(ECE) Schools.

Quite often, we find there are a variety of backgrounds within the ECE industry. Some come from the education field or in-home care, while others come from a greater business background. With this comes varying degrees of management and leadership abilities.

Typically, our owners and operators have little formal management training, and their management teams are composed of teachers and care staff who evolved into directors.

In any situation, the way a team is managed will directly impact your culture, teacher stability, team morale, enrollment growth, and ability to handle daily challenges.

What is the difference between Managing and Leading?

Managers seek control.——> Leaders inspire trust.

Managers focus on getting work done.——> Leaders empowering others.

With the IC360 ECE Certified Leadership Development Program, you will take a significant step forward in becoming that leader.

“There are only two ways to influence human behavior:

– Simon Sinek

Of the two above, guess which approach Inspire Care 360 believes in?

Why Owners and Directors Should Become a Certified ECE Leadership Coach:

We believe the secret sauce to success in ECE is the stabilization of your teacher base which in turn, allows you to get to full enrollments and profitability, leading to a wonderful experience in your school from your children and famitlies. A key component of that, in addition to wages, benefits, and performance, is how a leader develops the culture. How they Inspire!

Our 20-hour certification program occurs over a 9-week period, with a weekly 2-hour hands-on virtual meeting.  Training will be led by our Certified Executive Coach trainer with over 2500 hours and 15 years of Executive Coaching experience and formalized training from the International Coaching Federation.

At the conclusion of this leadership program, you will be rewarded with an IC360 ECE certified Leadership Development program.

For those who successfully complete the program, they will be empowered with the skills to:

  • Apply tested coach and leadership learned skills to support and develop teammates, subordinates, peers’ others who seek personal development and mentoring.
  • Empower teammates to reach school and personal goals and objectives.
  • Develop teammate accountability and mutual respect.
  • Inspire teammates.
  • Support teammates to solve their own challenges.
  • Support teammates by building a strong, supportive and communicative culture.
  • Groom new and future leaders.
  • Elevate your schools’ culture through leadership and empowerment with accountability.
  • Develop teammates through experiential development for their own self-worth.
  • Stabilize their teaching staff by reducing turnover through a higher level of engaged and empowered staff.
  • Owners/Operators to empower leadership to manage and handle day-to-day activities.

The IC360 Difference

Keys to Success

Give one a fish, and they will eat for a day, teach one to fish, and they’ll eat for a lifetime.

This program is meant to equip you with the skills you need to deal with all the challenges and opportunities you and your team are presented with. Our program is meant to help individuals in leadership roles evolve from managers to true leaders.

Focuses on the Root Cause

One would need a lifetime of experience in ECE to know how to handle all the challenges that are presented daily. This program will empower you and your team to uncover the root issue of the situation and develop the skills to problem-solve quickly and efficiently.

Accountability Partner

You will learn to be an accountability partner with your teammates, guiding them in finding answers to their own challenges.

Unmatched in the ECE Industry

Many programs focus on tips & tricks, how-to lists, and if/then scenarios. This is a true leadership development program that will change your style from management to leadership. Being able to teach your team the basics of coaching and leadership will bring your schools to a whole new level of success.

Work on your Business, Not in your Business

For Owners, our program will help you lead through example, coaching, and support. You’ll learn how to empower your team to make your business runs successfully without solely relying on you.


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