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Recruit And Retain The Best People

It is a well-known fact that offering health insurance is one of the biggest factors in recruiting and retaining the staff you want. ECE Healthy Advantage is designed from the ground up to help you keep your childcare staff healthy and happy for the long term.

Plan Options To Fit Your Unique Needs

Our healthcare plans include wellness & preventive services, primary care and specialist office visits, urgent care, lab services, and prescriptions. With ECE Healthy Advantage you can rest easy, knowing that your valued employees are taken care of.

Accessible Online

Employee Navigator provides web-based access on computers, tablets and mobile devices. From streamlined enrollment to ACA compliance tracking, you have a convenient one-stop shop no matter where you are for all things related to your benefits.

Benefit Liaison Support

Your Benefit Liaison is here to support you and your team through everything—from choosing the right coverage to promoting your programs and enrollment—you will have guidance at every micro-step of the process.

Voluntary Services

The voluntary services include the IC360 Maternity Program through which women can receive significant monetary support at the time of pregnancy. They also include Dental and Vision assistance and other ancillary services.