Highlights from Childcare Business Growth Live in Orlando

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Childcare business owners and enthusiasts gathered in Orlando, FL July 22nd to 23rd for the highly anticipated Childcare Business Growth Live conference. Hosted by the incredible team at Childcare Business Growth (CBG), this was a wonderful event, featuring great speakers, valuable insights, and an unforgettable experience for all attendees. We had the privilege of being a part of this incredible conference and are excited to share our highlights with you!

Great Speakers on Many Subjects
The conference boasted an impressive lineup of speakers who covered a diverse range of topics crucial to the success of childcare businesses. From early childhood education trends to staff management, each session was filled with valuable insights and actionable advice. The speakers’ expertise and passion for the industry were evident, making each session engaging and informative.

Informative Booklet for Note-taking
One thoughtful touch that the CBG team provided was a comprehensive booklet that included information about each speaker and their respective topics. This booklet proved to be valuable for attendees, as it allowed us to take detailed notes during the sessions and served as a helpful reference even after the conference.

Supportive CBG Team
The team behind Childcare Business Growth need a special shout out for their exceptional support throughout the event. They were always available to assist attendees and vendors, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone involved. Their warm and welcoming approach created a friendly atmosphere that fostered networking and collaboration.

Well-Organized Room Setup
The layout of the conference room was well-thought-out, with an open design that provided easy access to sponsor tables. This arrangement facilitated interactions between attendees and vendors, encouraging conversation and opportunities for potential partnerships.

Amazing Venue
The Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, FL was top-notch, providing a comfortable and inviting environment for all attendees. The hotel’s facilities, along with the delicious food provided, added to the overall positive experience.

Skool App and Badge Scanner for Lead Collection
The integration of the Skool app was a fantastic tool while at the conference. It allowed us to access event information, network with other attendees, and engage with the speakers. Moreover, the badge scanner for lead collection was efficient and helpful, ensuring we could easily follow up with potential contacts after the event.

Insightful Session
Tony D’Agostino’s session on ‘Managing the Performance Conundrum for Childcare Owners’ was a standout moment at the conference. As the Founder and CEO of Inspire Care 360, he offered practical strategies for staff management and fostering a positive work culture. His interactive and engaging approach left a lasting impact, motivating attendees to implement positive changes in their businesses. Tony’s passion for the childcare industry was showcased during his presentation, making his session truly inspirational.

The Childcare Business Growth Live conference in Orlando was an inspiring and informative event that brought together passionate childcare business owners and experts. From the excellent speakers and the supportive CBG team to the well-organized setup and valuable networking opportunities, the event exceeded all expectations. We look forward to the next edition of Childcare Business Growth Live!

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