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IC360 People

Creating A “Wow” Experience When Interviewing


Attract talented teachers from the very beginning of the recruitment process. Does your process for hiring new teachers make a good impression on candidates? Are they getting a good sense of what they can expect from you if they were to become an employee with [...]

Creating A “Wow” Experience When Interviewing2018-07-19T20:14:39+00:00

Why Blended Mentoring and e-Learning Programs are the Best


How to best onboard new employees at your childcare center. Blended learning refers to using multiple strategies to transfer knowledge. In this case, we are referring to using an e-learning training model with a mentor or coach to train new childcare employees. For the childcare [...]

Why Blended Mentoring and e-Learning Programs are the Best2018-07-05T16:08:44+00:00

People: Work-Life Balance Challenges for Childcare


Childcare business owners and their employees can benefit from a well-designed work-life balance program. When companies provide work-life balance services, employee turn-over decreases, while recruitment and job performance improve. Family-friendly policies also improve your organization’s public image. We know you juggle multiple challenges, including retaining [...]

People: Work-Life Balance Challenges for Childcare2018-08-17T20:18:18+00:00

People: Employee Turnover and Productivity


Childcare employee turnover and productivity are the kinds of challenges that the independent childcare owner struggle with every day and need support for. Staff retention has a direct impact on your bottom line. With training as such a large part of the childcare and early [...]

People: Employee Turnover and Productivity2018-08-17T20:18:29+00:00

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