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With IC360, you’ll get a team that has worked extensively in the ECE industry we know its potential challenges, strengths and weaknesses. We offer what no one else does, a complete 360-degree childcare management solution as to service. Whether you need help with crisis management, finance, staff retention, social media, branding, website development, payroll or mentoring, we’ve got you covered!

We eliminate the need to work with multiple third-party providers as we can effectively handle the A-to-Z of your business needs. We also integrate seamlessly with any existing CRM, payroll, or childcare management software.

Childcare Solution Landscape

Provider offers a rounded full capability, with ability to deliver nationally

Provider has some type of offer, yet has gaps, is not scalable, lacks national coverage, or a referral program to another provider

There’s no reason not to act right now!

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    • Create schools of influence that will build future leaders.
    • Build positivity, loyalty, and outstanding teamwork.
    • Exceed industry best standards and create your own benchmarks.
    • Create a collaborative environment with excellent communication.
    • Empower your team through professional development, mentoring, and coaching.
    • Master digital marketing so you can get the word out to the right audience.

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    Our #1 priority here at Inspire Care 360 is your happiness. We stand by our Membership 100%. If you have a problem, we will solve it.
    If we cannot solve it, you will not be responsible for the remainder of the agreement.


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