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It’s Not Just About How We Do Things It’s Also About The Why!

With IC360, you’ll get a team that has worked extensively in the ECE industry. We know its potential challenges, strengths and weaknesses. We offer what no one else does: a complete 360-degree childcare management solution service. Whether you need help with crisis management, finance, staff retention, social media, branding, website development, payroll or mentoring – we’ve got you covered! We eliminate the need to work with multiple third-party providers. We can effectively handle the A-to-Z of your business needs. We also have integrated seamlessly with any existing CRM, payroll, or childcare management software.


Inspire Care 360 saw a disparate level of competencies throughout the childcare and early care and education industry.

We envision a next generation of children who come from varying backgrounds, demographics, geographies – yet can have a wonderful experience from the care they receive, to the education and the security they feel.

We want the next generation of children be the most amazing possible, because Inspire Care 360 was able to significantly support Owners, Administrators, and Teachers in giving them the support they need to focus less on the back office and focus mainly on the children they care for.

What makes us different:

  • We answer the phone when you call! We named our customer service Membership Advocacy.  Why?  Because we are your advocates for simplifying your business and your success.  We are highly responsive to your requests and need, not just before or when you start up, but every time you call.  We are there for you and will pursue each request until it is fully seen through.  This is a rare element that is missing in a lot of service from providers of software and services
  • We put you first – When finding ways to enhance our offering and solution, we are always looking first at what you need, even if it thins our margins. We believe our profits only come when you stay with us for the long-term
  • We are bold – We work with a steering committee of our members; a board of 14 owners who give us thoughts, insights, and the fodder to create our unique direction. If we bring an additional solution to market, you can be assured they have had their hand it.
  • We sandbox and do our due diligence first – If we are seeking to bring you a new solution, we spend days, weeks, and at times months vetting solution providers. Since we own and operate schools, we often will put the solution in our schools in place first and test it out before ever offering it to our members, so you do not have to. In other words, we drink our own “kool-aid”.  We do not offer vapor-ware or solutions that do not exist.  What you see is what we have, what works, and has been honed to meet the highest member requirements.
  • We are authentic – We don’t always tell you what you want to hear. We are not a “rah-rah” company.  We celebrate true success with you and are not just trying to get you excited, unless we truly help you move forward in a positive direction.

In summary – we came about because nothing like us existed, when there was a great need to have once central center of excellence for test and proven solutions.  Where you do not have to describe to exhaustion to a provider what it means to be in the childcare and ECE field and why that is important.  What we are not: We are not a consultant, we are not only a company who helps you market, we are not a childcare or CRM software. We are Inspire Care 360 – your business partner and extension of your school’s back office.

Childcare Solution Landscape

Provider offers a rounded full capability, with ability to deliver nationally

Provider has some type of offer, yet has gaps, is not scalable, lacks national coverage, or a referral program to another provider

  • Create schools of influence that will build future leaders.
  • Build positivity, loyalty, and outstanding teamwork.
  • Exceed industry best standards and create your own benchmarks.
  • Create a collaborative environment with excellent communication.
  • Empower your team through professional development, mentoring, and coaching.
  • Master digital marketing so you can get the word out to the right audience.

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Our #1 priority here at Inspire Care 360 is your happiness. We stand by our Membership 100%. If you have a problem, we will solve it.
If we cannot solve it, you will not be responsible for the remainder of the agreement.


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