Introducing Jessica Wright

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Introducing Jessica Wright General Manager and Senior Vice President of Operations We are very proud to announce that Jessica Wright has joined the executive leadership team with Inspire Care 360 as the General Manager and Senior Vice President of Operations. Jessica is a former teacher with a background in special …

Introducing Peak Performance

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Inspire Care 360 is proud to announce the launch of Peak Performance on January 1st, 2023 – a program designed to promote performance and excellence in the field of childcare for teachers and administration. This program was created to define certification and standards for staff and administration competency to support …

Culture building

Staff Culture: Strengthen and Build with 8 Elements

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When I first became an owner of several Early Childcare and Education schools we noticed there was no real leadership. The staff culture of each school was dictated by the level of confidence exuded from the Director. This model was not sustainable and could easily be broken. There are a …

A Needed Answer to the Healthcare Dilemma

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Are you familiar with the Burger King slogan, “have it your way”?  You’re not locked into just one combo, you can mix and match according to what you want, what you need. I think for most things in life we typically want it our way. With that in mind, we …

What you need to know about the Child Care is Essential Act

What you need to know about the Child Care is Essential Act

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To provide the urgently-needed financial support to the child care sector, the U.S. House Committee on Appropriations has recently passed the Child Care is Essential Act, which is providing a $50 billion Child Care Stabilization Fund to support the child care sector and enable providers to safely reopen and operate. …