What We Do

Engage. Grow. Optimize. All in one solution.

Think of the support a franchiser provides a franchisee. It’s similar to how we work with independently owned businesses, providing them with the success model, support, and automated solutions they need to operate with the power of a much larger company. We help you:

  • Engage employees and families through personalized onboarding and professional development
  • Grow your enrollments and reputation through branding and promotion
  • Optimize through business efficiencies and savings

And we personalize it for your business at every step, so all our support operates smoothly and efficiently.

Bringing critical services together for your culture.
There are a lot of challenging aspects of running your business. We take care of virtually all of them, even automating many to make them easier. The result when it all comes together? An amazing culture, built by:

  • Directors and staff engaged by professional development
  • Teachers with a consistent, agreed-upon learning plan
  • A great reputation in your community and with potential clients
  • Cost savings that let you invest more in your business

“I can’t say enough about the time I spent with the IC360 Team! It was clearly visible that the IC360 Team is truly committed and dedicated to making my business as successful as it can be. They showed us the true value we are getting from their systems and the money we are saving by implementing all of the Inspire! Care 360 services.”

— Aretha Kitson, Owner, Kid Ink, Delaware (5 locations)

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E-mail: customerservice@inspirecare360.com
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