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Join us on Wednesday, September 13th at 1:30 PM EST for an insightful webinar designed exclusively for childcare owners and operators. In the dynamic landscape of childcare and daycare, unexpected challenges like pandemics, natural disasters, shifts in local industries, lease complications, and new competitors can arise without warning. As a childcare business owner, being prepared is key to navigating these unforeseen circumstances.

Dive into this engaging webinar where industry experts, Kate Woodward Young, M.Ed., and Carrie Casey from TexasDirector.org, share insights and actionable tips to proactively prepare for the unexpected. Discover how strategic Standard Operating Procedures, advanced training, and comprehensive readiness plans can not only ensure the stability of your childcare venture but also safeguard your personal and professional well-being.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a competitive edge and fortify your childcare business against the unexpected twists that may lie ahead. Reserve your spot now and empower yourself to lead with confidence and resilience.

Audience Objectives:
→ Identify 3 holes in your operations that can be prepared for in advance.

→ List 4 strategies to safeguard your personal and professional well being.

→ Understand how learning from others through events like COVID and wildfires can help you be prepared and the importance of being part of your local chamber of commerce to prepare for community changes.

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