Webinar Replay – January 25 2023 – Gated Page to View on YouTube

Watch the replay from our webinar on January 25th 2023!

In this webinar, learn:
✓ How to create an effective, collaborative partnership between childcare owners and employees.
✓ The importance of establishing a shared vision and culture of success.
✓ Strategies for motivating employees and encouraging a sense of ownership.
✓ The role of feedback and recognition in driving employee performance.
✓ Key elements of successful communication between childcare owners and employees.
✓ Ideas on how to create and maintain a culture of trust and respect.

Neal Foard has spent 25 years in advertising and marketing, creating award winning campaigns for global power brands like Budweiser, Lexus and Sony. For his work on Toyota, Neal ranked among the top ten most awarded creative directors in the world in 2002. As the author of an innovative coaching series Neal was named Worldwide Director of Creative Learning for global ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi. He has consulted on creative messaging for Fortune 500 companies and universities, and been a featured speaker at TEDx conferences. Most recently, Neal has gained a following on social media for his inspirational videos about the better side of everyday people.

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