Peak Performance Press Release

Introducing Peak Performance

Inspire Care 360 is proud to announce the launch of Peak Performance on January 1st, 2023 – a program designed to promote performance and excellence in the field of childcare for teachers and administration. This program was created to define certification and standards for staff and administration competency to support the vision of Childcare Owners and Operators.

  • Create a consistent learning and application of knowledge environment
  • Retain teacher and administrative staff
  • Provide a clear individual roadmap to job role success within the childcare field
  • Incentivize staff and administration to complete objectives on a voluntary basis
  • Schools will align rewards to actual staff performance
  • Foster staff recognition, belonging, self-esteem, character development and overall culture

Peak Performance is an automated systematized performance management system. A combination of professional development and experiential learning through application directly on the job, that limits administration effort to develop each individual to competency. The program leverages Inspire Care 360’s proprietary platform for content distribution to create five levels of mastery for teachers as well as administrators. Peak Performance allows childcare professionals to track their progress, set goals, and receive feedback from mentors.

Our program is designed to foster your school’s ongoing cultural development and alignment of staff performance to meet your values and objectives. Our goal is to help childcare owners and staff reach their fullest potential and improve the quality of their childcare services. We believe in making the next generation of childcare better one teacher at a time by connecting childcare professionals with resources and a proven roadmap for success.

We are excited to launch Peak Performance and look forward to helping childcare professionals reach their goals and make a positive impact on their communities.

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