ECE Digital Marketing

Boost Enrollments & Wait Lists with Positive Reviews & Brand Visibility

In the past, successful ECE Schools could depend on reputation, word of
mouth, and maybe a flyer in the local Penny Saver. Today, with families
receiving a consistent stream of advertising, it is challenging to advertise
your brand and what makes your schools different to prospective families.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression 

Oscar Wilde

After referrals, families often rely on digital communication when researching child care. Typically starting with Facebook, then moving to your website if they like what they see. Your online presence says a lot about your school. Are you professionally represented or does your website and posts look like they were built and posted by a relative on their spare time?

Inspire Care 360 brings you our ECE Digital Marketing Solutions for your childcare, daycare, or other ECE school. A suite of solutions addressing your one-off digital marketing needs and a comprehensive outsourcing of all your ECE marketing needs.

Website Development

With over 20 years of website development experience, we bring the right solution to fit your specific ECE needs.
We offer both bespoke and pre-planned websites:


An inexpensive solution that is head and shoulders above a self-built free site. Professionally developed and designed to represent your brand well.


This is the solution that focuses not only on your message but interacts with your prospective families to help you turn
interest into tours.


Take your family and staff to the next
experience with an engaging and interactive portal. You’ll have access to online form scheduling, registration, interactive calendars and much more.


If you build it will they come? Now that you’ve created a wonderful website, it is critical to get your target audience there.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When you search for a company, ever notice that sometimes the company pops up first and sometimes you never see the company you searched for? SEO focuses on how browsers like Google, index you on the internet and evaluate the words on your page and your code to match what searchers are looking for. It is not enough to make a pretty site, you must also ensure it can be quickly found. Especially when people have never heard of your business and are looking for services like an “Infant program” or a “School-Age program.” Our solution gets you to the top and keeps you there when users are searching for types of programs in your area.


Have you heard the cliché “proof is in the pudding” –It means that once you taste it, you will know it’s good. If a company builds a nice website, but the SEO doesn’t lead to visibility, it can be a big waste. IC360 ECE Digital Marketing Solutions provides web and social media analytics. You’ll know who is coming, how long they stay, what they’re reading and if they converted to a lead.

Social Media

What started as a novel means to communicate has turned in to an essential asset in establishing brand presence. As our schools mature, we’re
greeted with new generations of parents each year. Thanks to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, parents come about their
information in lighting speed. Our experts will ensure you use your social media presence to get connected to families searching for your
programs. A strong social presence can help increase enrollments and increase your brand awareness.



We ensure your brand is wonderfully represented with the right messages at the right time with the best representing images. We’ll use targeted language the right audiences and make sure you are connecting to build up a strong brand.


Like Search Engine Marketing– you’ll be able to specifically target the audience you seek, by program, event and location. Having our
professionals manage your marketing budget to get the very most attention to drive tours and enrollments is critical to your marketing

Newsletters, Emails, Blogs and More!

Marketing for your schools is not an occasional thing, it is a fulltime thing. Communicating to your families and prospective families is critical to your success. It builds your brand and ensures your families understand your vision, value and mission. The values you add in communications pay out dramatically with not only new enrollments but retaining the current ones. IC360 offers several means to connect professionally and consistently. Whether it’s writing a monthly newsletter for each program room, sending ongoing email communications about your schools or writing thoughtful blogs to attract prospects. Your IC360 ECE Digital Marketing solution can bring you a little or a lot depending on your needs.

Full Outsourcing

Some seek the peace of mind to hand everything off to ensure all marketing and media needs are covered in a consistent, highly professional
manner. Whether you want it all or specific solutions, we work with you to build the right program for your schools.


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The IC360 Difference


Our expertise in the ECE industry and digital marketing fully equips us to properly handle the needs of our members. We are owner/operators of schools who combined the skills of media and marketing so we can help tell your story to the audience that we know so very well.


If you choose digital marketing providers with limited experience in ECE, plan on investing greatly in educating them on all the nuances of our ECE industry. It’s time consuming and one of the significant reasons we brought this solution to our members. What you will find about your IC360 solution is a high value for the return in your investment. Working to meet your budgets, not for your budgets to meet our plans!


Our expertise in the ECE industry and digital marketing fully equips us to properly handle the needs of our members. We are owner/operators of schools who combined the skills of media and marketing so we can help tell your story to the audience that we know so very well.

We Scale According to your Needs

Maybe you want to start small and grow big. Maybe you want to have us manage all elements and then you take over. We team with you monthly on progress and always look to work with you. As your school(s) needs change, we change with you!

Your Inspire Care 360
100% Happiness Guarantee

Our #1 priority here at Inspire Care 360 is your happiness. We stand by our Membership 100%. If you have a problem, we will solve it. If we cannot solve it, you will not be responsible for the remainder of the agreement.