Brian Sprafka

Brian Sprafka

ECE Executive Coach
Works with business professionals who want to have the best school in the market and are committed to developing their staff and making quality improvements to their schools.

CEO & Co-founder of Small Hands Big Dreams

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About Brian

Brian joins us with 20 years of experience in the ECE industry as the owner of 5 schools. Brain started out as an aerospace engineer but had an inside look to the ECE world through his wife who was in childcare. After four years in the engineering field, he realized where his true passions lay and started managing ECE schools.
Throughout his career in the ECE industry, Brian has worked primarily with first time business owners and entrepreneurs. Using his out of the box thinking, Brian helps his coachees identify any blind spots or potential potholes they may have ahead of them. Instead of simply solving the problem of today, Brian uses a long-term strategy approach to ensure it doesn’t happen again in the future.

Why is having a Coach/Mentor so important?

It’s helpful to have someone who’s been down the road you’re going before to help you map out the direction you want to go. Having someone to help you think your blind sets and see around corners can really change your mindset to consider new things that weren’t previously on your radar.

Where do you offer the most benefit as a Coach/Mentor?

I’m an out of the box, analytical thinker who tends to see the world in numbers. I spend of time finding out what a person’s goals and what they really want to accomplish. Then, after a lot of questions and a lot of listening, I help them develop a strategic, long-term business approach to achieve new levels.

A note to your potential coachee

If you’re looking really grow your business and learn how to expand into multiple locations, I’m your guy. I’ve built new locations, acquired locations and have insight as to the potential roadblocks you may encounter.


  • Acquisition
  • KPI’s
  • Expansion
  • Competitive Strategy


  • 20 years as an ECE owner
  • MBA
  • Project management Professional
  • 6 years as a certified coach/mentor

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