Anthony "Tony" D’Agostino

Founder and CEO
Anthony D'Agostino

Anthony D’Agostino, Founder and CEO of Inspire Care 360, has spent over 10 years as an early learning and childcare owner of up to six childcare schools in Western New York. Tony followed his drive to provide independently owned childcare schools a set of solutions to engage, grow and optimize their businesses created out of the necessity he saw from his own experiences. With a focus on creating a healthy culture and providing individuals the opportunity to thrive, Tony founded Inspire Care 360. His experiences also led him to create over 6,900 hours of early learning curriculum organized in 9 Key Development Areas.
Prior to the early learning space, Tony led practices in Human Resources with close to 20 years of experience with training and curriculum development. He led employee engagement through extensive communications solutions, as well as leveraging group purchasing options within his own companies, and MSI Services. Years of culminative experience with Ernst and Young, Pearson Education, Drake Beam Morin, ACS and Xerox Corporation led him to specialize in delivering solutions to clients.
These experiences culminated the development and business services of Inspire Care 360. The vision to provide business owners the time to develop and ready their children, as well as provide owners with significant savings for their business.

Favorite Bands: The Struts, Foo Fighters, Cage The Elephant, Black Keys, Rush, and Led Zeppelin
Favorite Sport: Pretty much anything live, including F1 Car and Horse Racing
Favorite Location: Santorini, Greece

Favorite Food: Sushi


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