Watch the replay from our webinar on August 16th, 2023!

We were honored to be joined by Martin Bing, industry expert and Founder and CEO of 1Place Childcare. In case you missed it, you can now access the webinar replay.

Key takeaways:
✅ Digitize for Efficiency: Avoid the chaos of notes and post-its. Digitize tasks, compliance, and regulations to boost profitability.
Scaling with Purpose: Define issues before growth. Systematization ensure better tracking, paving the way for future expansion.
Small Steps, Big Impact: Incremental improvements trump patchwork solutions. Constantly ask: How can we do better?
Team Alignment: Owners’ leadership is key. Show how digital changes improve quality, compliance, and simplify work.

We hope these valuable insights help you strengthen your team, fuel growth, and create a thriving childcare and daycare business. Remember, communication, involvement, and appreciation are key elements to success.

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