Veronica Nelson

Executive Coach
Works with business professionals who want to have the best school in the market and are committed to developing their staff and making quality improvements to their schools.

President of Childtime Inc.

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About Veronica

Veronica has spent most of her life working in the Early Child Care and Education industry. Starting from age 16 as a childcare teacher to managing a school in 1989 and eventually taking over as the owner of that school in 2002.
Veronica has mentored managers, directors, and professionals who are just starting in the ECE industry. If you’ve walked through the doors of Child Time Inc, consider yourself mentored. Veronica makes it a point to lead instead of managing. Veronica will work with you to figure out what your true goals are, and keep you accountable for taking the steps to accomplish them.
A few words from Veronica.

Hear from Veronica...

Why is having a mentor so important?

When you’re first starting in business there are a lot of things that can bring you down. If not for my previous experience as a manager and the mentorship from the previous owner of my school I would have made a lot more mistakes. It was helpful to have someone to consequence things out with. I’d list the steps I wanted to take and together we would think through the impact of each step and find the path that would lead to the best possible outcome.

Where do you offer the most benefit as a Coach/Mentor?

I take the time to get to know the people I’m working with to find out what their goals are and how they want to get there. With my vast experience in the industry, I am experienced in evaluating bumps in the roads and implementing systems that will help avoid those bumps in the future.

A note to your potential coachee

If you want to have the best school in the market and are committed to developing your staff and making quality improvements to your school I will help you plan your steps to get there, consequence the impacts of each of those steps and keep you accountable for making those steps until you’ve reached your goal. If that’s you, we’ll be a great team.

If you’re all about the money and are willing to shortcut steps to be profitable, we won’t work.


  • Cultural development
  • Leadership development
  • Staff development
  • Operational development


  • 19 years as an ECE owner
  • 30 years of mentor/coach experience
  • National Administrator Credentials
  • Professional Administrator Credentials

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