David Kolczynski

Executive Coach

Works with business professionals who want to get control of their business using processes or data and those who want to grow their business either organically or through acquisition.

President of Childtime Inc.

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About Dave

Dave joins us from the business world. There, he spent over 30 years managing the operations, engineering, customer service, and finance aspects of large and small high-tech manufacturing companies. When his company was sold, Dave led the integration effort and stayed on for several years in an executive leadership role. Previously to entering the ECE industry, Dave worked as a consultant for several small businesses in the areas of operations and engineering.

For the past 20 years, Dave has mentored administrators, engineers, managers, and most recently, ECE directors. Using a “big picture” approach, Dave helps others look at a business challenge from multiple angles. Dave hopes to help others as his coaches and mentors have helped him through developing professional and interpersonal skills.

With these experiences, Dave is a strong coach for you to explore the means as to how you organize the operation of your business with a focus on growth and profitability, while still keeping a strong culture in mind.

Hear from Dave…

Why is having a mentor important?

Having a mentor can allow an individual to learn and advance faster than they would without a mentor. A mentor can also help an individual avoid mistakes and great sounding board for ideas and concerns. Early on in my career, having a mentor helped me make better decisions about work tasks and taught me how to interact effectively with others. As I advanced in my career, my mentors guided me through many key career decisions by helping me evaluate options I was considering.

Where do you offer the most benefit as a Coach/Mentor?

I am organized and manage my time effectively. Early in my career, I received significant training in time management that has benefited me throughout my career. I can help a coachee become better in managing operations andgrowing their business, managing staff, making decisions, and developing a strong company culture.

A note to your potential coachee?

Someone should choose to work with me if they are looking to get control of their business using processes and data. They should also work with me if they are looking to grow, either organically or through acquisition.


  • Cultural Development
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Acquisition
  • Operational Development


  • 6 Years as an ECE owner
  • 20 years in Business
  • Operational Management
  • 20 years of Mentoring/Coaching

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