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Inspire! Care 360 solves the childcare center problems your big box childcare competitors don’t have to worry about.

Engage Your Team. Save on Everyday Expenses. Build Your Brand.
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A Leading Childcare Management Support Network.

At Inspire! Care 360, we provide the support you need for every facet of running your childcare center. We are also childcare center and early learning center owners with 10 years of experience in all areas of running a childcare center productively and efficiently. This has allowed us to develop a unique perspective and insight into the challenges of running a childcare facility. 

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What does a successful childcare business look like?  It’s a business that takes into consideration three key pillars:

Mastering these three pillars will create an amazing culture that supports your business for a marathon – not a sprint – and positions you for a highly profitable and sustainable early learning and childcare business!
  • Employee Engagement – Keep your team closely aligned and engaged to your vision, values and goals.
  • Brand Identity – Develop a reputation that supports your centers for years to come.
  • Time and Money Efficiency – Sophisticate your business and take advantage of the many benefits of technology and buying power.

Propel Your Childcare Center to new Heights of Profitability & Efficiency.

Grow your business and get the support you need while increasing productivity when you work with Inspire! Care 360. Contact us to learn more about our childcare center solutions by calling us at 1 (800) 655-5659 today.


Increase Retention & Reduce Turnover Cost

With Consistent Onboarding, Training and Performance Management

IC360 Provides:

Customized Onboarding for Culture & Success

Consistent Standardized eLearning

Communication Tools & Wizards

Enhance Talent and Culture

Align Your Values to Hiring, Onboarding, Performance Management & Employee Lifecycle

IC360 Provides:

Employee Engagement Customized Roadmaps

Professional Development

Reduce Labor Risks, Costs and Penalties

With HR Support and Ongoing Handbook Development

IC360 Provides:

Live HR Experts M-F 9a-8p EST

State-based Handbook Development and Training Tools

Access to HR Knowledge Base


Improve Retention of Families & Staff

Evaluate, measure and manage how your team and families feel about your centers

IC360 Provides:

Survey Tools

Internal Communication Programs

Exit Interviews

Significantly Reduce PR Risk

Protect your centers from an unexpected crisis

IC360 Provides:

PR Crisis Support Experts

Training and Support for your team in the event of a PR emergency

Improve Brand Reputation

Proactively manage your brand reputation among your team, families, community and online

IC360 Provides:

Digital Assessment Tools

Expert Marketing & Branding Support

Customized Brand Roadmaps and Campaigns to Build, Manage and Promote Brand Value


Increase Margins, Earnings and Profits

Reduce expenses 5-50% with expert purchasing advisers and nationally negotiated member discounts.

IC360 Provides Discounts on:


School & Office Supplies

Professional Services

And more!

Get Your Time Back!

Get directly connected to providers, suppliers and industry experts.

IC360 Provides:

Evaluated Vendors with Proven Solutions

Advocacy and Support in Provider Interactions

Sourcing for Unique Services

Improve Office Efficiency

Overcome everyday challenges quickly and easily with our Expert IT Helpdesk

IC360 Provides:

Live IT Helpdesk Support M-F 9a-8p EST

Inventory Tools and Supplies Management

Ordering and Supply Organization & Budgeting

You Benefit By:

  • Reducing staff turnover

  • Protecting and building your culture and brand reputation

  • Giving access to inexpensive teacher wellness that reduces outage

  • Enhancing your team’s knowledge and confidence in your process and programs

  • Reducing costs to professionally develop staff without overtime expenses

  • Drastically lowering operational and supply costs

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Engage Your Team.
Save on Everyday Expenses.
Build Your Brand.

How to Get Started.

Membership Benefits

Engage Your Team

Build Your Reputation

Reduce Your Overhead

Our Promise to You.

8 Ways to Engage and Keep Your Childcare Staff.

Find out how to retain your childcare teachers, show them how to thrive, and grow professionally!

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Inspire! Care 360 is offered to independent childcare centers who need access to the same level of resources and support as big box childcare facilities.

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We offer services that independent childcare centers often can’t access alone. Group purchasing options keep your costs predictable and low so you can use revenue to expand in other areas of your childcare business. Our learning and training system is a continuous investment in your team that empowers and inspires them, increasing staff retention, customer satisfaction and creating an amazing culture. In addition, IT help desk support, and PR Crisis support ensures you’ll never have to handle emergencies and challenges of running a childcare center on your own.

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With simple flat rate monthly payments and a yearly membership commitment, you can access all of the features and benefits provided by Inspire! Care 360. The cost of the IC360 solution is based on the number of childcare centers that require coverage.

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Located in Rochester, NY, we serve Early Learning, Childcare, Academies, Montessori and Private Schools for young ones nationwide with clients from California to Maine and from Washington to Florida.

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The IC360 100% Guarantee.

If after using our program, you’re unhappy in any way with services you’ve received, we’ll refund your last month’s service!

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