Join us for our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, July 10th at 2 PM EST, as we address the critical challenges impeding the Early Childhood Education industry. Guided by Evelyn Knight, CEO of Child Care Business Professionals, we’ll look into the financial struggles that have long affected childcare businesses.

From identifying core challenges to fostering an abundance mindset and instigating a crucial perception shift, this session is tailored for childcare owners and operators ready to transform their financial narrative and propel their business forward.

Identifying Core Challenges: Discover key issues holding back ECE progress.​
Financial Struggles in ECE: Understand the impact of financial constraints.​
Abundance Mindset: Realize there are enough resources for everyone.​
Perception Shift: Change your perspective to unlock ECE’s potential.


Can’t make it? Don’t worry! Register and we’ll send you the replay afterwards.

Meet Our Guest

Evelyn Knight

Child Care Business Professionals CEO