Who is Inspire Care 360?

Sarah Dixon

Inspire Care 360 is your childcare business partner. We help independently owned early learning childcare schools become more efficient and profitable.

Inspire Care 360 was born in 2016 out of the need to support childcare owners and operators throughout the nation. Our founder and CEO, Tony D’Agostino, had owned and operated six locations, and still currently owns and operates three locations. Throughout his journey he had learned that to be successful as a childcare/ECE business, you have to juggle an awful lot of responsibilities and tasks.

IC360 was developed to be your business partner so we can support you in key areas such as recruitment, professional development, and staff engagement. We also saw the need to create solutions for truly affordable and practical HR Solutions and Health Care benefits. We focus on all of this as well as the profitability of your school because we want to see you thrive!