What HR solutions are available to me?

Sarah Dixon

Here are the HR Solutions available to you:

HR Expert
Our HR experts answer the phone when you call (or call you back within 4 hours). You do not need to put a call into attorneys, HR consultants, or payroll companies, just to learn they may call you back before the end of the week. Get the answers when you need them, today!

• What is the policy for staff dating a parent?
• Should you fire an employee who is breaking the code of conduct?
• How do you communicate a dress code issue?
• Can you ask your team to do training from home? If so, do you need to pay them?

Call 1-800-655-5659, option 3.
Hours: 9 AM – 8 PM, Monday through Friday

HR Compliance Edge Wizard & Tools
Our HR Compliance Edge solution will walk you through challenging, tedious, or required processes. Imagine sending a total compensation letter with professional charts to new hires on how they are compensated and the benefits you may offer like childcare, health benefits, lunches, and a 401K. We’ve seen this make a significant difference when recruiting against other job offers.

HR Compliance Edge Training
As your staff expands and evolves you will have an ongoing need to educate your admin team, and yourself, on all the top Human Resource issues such as hiring, firing, motivating, ethics and severance. As part of your membership, you have a library of over 100 courses specific to these needs. Play on-demand so your team can make decisions as needed or in advance!

HR Compliance Edge Platform & Database
Your Compliance Edge Platform comes with around-the-clock access to hundreds of state and federal documents that you can leverage. From policy and procedures to annual I-9 forms and much more. Updated constantly, the compliance Edge platform gives you attorney-reviewed forms, tools, and documents to support every one of your organization’s HR needs.