Shauna Kendell

Executive Coach
Works with ECE professionals who are hands-on with their staff making and focused on making their school(s) a long-term place of employment for their team.

Administrator at Childrens Classic

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About Shauna

Shauna joins as the Early Childcare and Education (ECE) veteran of our coaching and mentoring crew with 41 years of experience in the ECE field. Shauna is the owner of two schools and has her associates in Child Development as well as the National Credential for Directors and the National Administrator Credential. Throughout her 33 years as an owner of her two schools, Shauna sought to increase the longevity of her staff through a positive staff culture and taking special care to navigate the different personalities of the individuals on her team. If you’re wondering if her approach has been successful, ask her management staff who has stuck with her for 20 years!

Shauna has mentored assistant directors, directors, admins, marketers, and everywhere in between. With a listen first, approach, Shauna takes the time to understand the root cause of the issue and works with you to brainstorm potential conclusions. Culture and the development of relationships both with staff as well as with families are great strengths that Shauna can bring in a Coaching and Mentoring capacity. A very hands-on approach. Empathetic to identification and helping solve the challenges constituents to a leader’s success, it one of her greatest strengths.

Hear from Shauna …

Why is having a mentor important?

It’s so helpful to have someone to collaborate and talk with someone who has an understand of the ECE field. There will always be bumps in the road, having someone to help you navigate and push through them can make all the difference.

Where do you offer the most benefit as a Coach/Mentor?

The ECE industry is constantly changing. I’ve found successful ways to adapt, grow and accept the changes that come along which have led to a very successful business. I’m also very knowledgeable in staff longevity and how to create a culture in which makes your staff want to stick around. I know that is a big problem in the ECE industry so that’s why I chose to focus on it.

A note to your potential coachee.

If you’re someone who is comfortable with where you are and really wants to work on making your school a long-term place for your employees, we’ll be a great fit. I like to work with people who are hands-on with their staff and want to focus on making their current business the best it can be. I know it can be overwhelming but I love the ECE industry and want to work with people in the industry and help them feel the same way I do.

If you’re someone who is looking to grow quickly and open multiple schools and be fairly hands-off, we won’t make a great fit.


  • Cultural development
  • Staffing
  • Enrollment growth
  • Operational development


  • 41 years of ECE experience
  • 33 years of an experience as an ECE owner
  • National Credential for Directors
  • National Administrator Credential
  • IC360 mentor certification

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