"People work for money, but go the extra mile (and stay) for recognition, praise and reward."

– Dale Carnegie

As an Early Childcare and Education (ECE) school owner or operator, you’ve probably thought to yourself: “How do I find the time to develop the best team possible?”

Our IC360 team has heard the above statement in one way or another over the years. From ever-expanding regulations and staff wages to fundamental changes in work ethics and job commitment, our greatest challenge remains to recruit and retain high-quality staff.

In the past, a competitive wage and thoughtful scheduling could get you pretty far. Today is MUCH different. Year after year, whether the economy is up or down, ECE owner surveys consistently list labor and staffing as their number one issue.

How do we slow the revolving door and build our programs fundamentally so each teacher and staff member is engaged for the long-term?

“Staff members stay for culture and career.
They leave when they are in just a job.”

Tony D’Agostino
Founder and CEO, Inspire Care 360


Inspire Care 360 is proud to announce the launch of Peak Performance – a program designed to promote performance and excellence in the field of childcare for teachers and administration. Peak Performance is a program unlike any other in the ECE world for your teachers, caretakers, and administrators, whether your staff has been there for 10 days or 20 years. This program was created to define certification and standards for staff and administration competency to support the vision of Childcare Owners and Operators.

With nearly three years of research and development, Inspire Care 360 has taken a complex issue and built a thoughtful and easy to implement program.

If you were to arm your team with oars and jump into a boat, saying, “let’s
get to the other side of the river, as fast as possible” chaos would likely
ensue. People are rowing at different times and paces. Someone wants to
go one way, another, a different way.

Then imagine you had a team who you educated to be aligned with your
mission, vision, values, and what we call the “6 C’s.” Your team now knows
what to do, when to do it, and how it benefits all participants in the boat to get down the river as quickly as possible when all are rowing at the same cadence. That is what IC360 Peak Performance will do for your schools.

The “6 C’s”

Core Values
If you and your team are not all on the same page with values, your school can be chaotic and, in some situations, toxic. You all must understand and pursue the same values. You want everyone in the same boat, rowing together towards your schools’ true success objective.
Code of Conduct
Beyond dress code and PTO time, your code of conduct or code of ethics is based on your expectation of behaviors exhibited by your staff towards teammates, families, children, and the community. When your team is not aligned on behavioral expectations, this can cause conflict, resentment, and possible legal issues.
ECE is one of the most highly regulated industries. For good reason as we are serving our families and societies next generation. Having an all-understanding and aligned team on compliance will reduce violations and CPS visits. At the same time, it will engage existing and prospective families as to the quality of your programs.
We are a school of teachers who are passionate about learning, yet often relegated to only mandated state-required courses. Our Professional Development courses help your team become more of an ECE professional at all levels. Course material includes how to work with teammates, how to best communicate, what to know about the enrollment process, and customer service. These courses take a care worker or teacher of children and turn them into a true ECE professional.
How do you have a career in such a flat layered industry like ECE? Easily, you have programs that create a career ladder for your teammates to see an opportunity to consistently ascend in your a. With this ascension, they take on more responsibility and continue to deliver more value, which also keeps them engaged. They have a path and a career, as to just a job.

A positive and nurturing work culture creates an environment that is conducive to healthy relationships between staff and the children in the care of the business. Having a culture of respect and kindness helps to reduce stress and encourages employees to perform their best, which can result in increased employee retention.


Peak Performance motivates your team to take control of their professional development journey through our course delivery platform, Inspire University. Throughout this program your participants complete 5 Mastery Levels of Achievements in order to: Know, Understand, Demonstrate, Apply, and Teach. Peak Performance offers a competitive edge with a new badge being rewarded at each new level, which can be leveraged when motivating your team.

As your team engages with the automatically delivered courses, they move through Mastery Level I to Mastery Level V. The first two levels are required learning, where as the last three levels allow your teammates to progress at their own pace with incentives, career opportunities, and recognition decided on and set by your school.

When levels are completed notifications go straight to whomever you specify within your company. Once set up, Peak Performance is an automated and simple to implement program designed to elevate the professional development of your childcare team, NOT something that will be a burden on your admin and directors. Your team will also have the opportunity to see the achievements of others, which can be key in the motivation of Masterly Level completion.

Included with Peak Performance are courses for admin and team orientations, training, and a platform through IC360’s Inspire University to manage the implementation and administration of expectations for the “6 C’s.” This is set up to work with your existing school structure.

The IC360 Difference

Focuses on the Root Cause

Within our ECE industry, we often have taken a “band-aide” approach to solve the turnover challenge. We’ve increased wages or offered more benefits, but we have not looked at the root issues as to why staff leaves. With our IC360 Peak Performance career and culture roadmap solution, we address the root issues with each staff member, whether they are tenured or brand-new.


Focus on Career & Culture

To develop amazing culture, you need to have teammates feel like they belong, are recognized for accomplishments, rewarded for their contribution, empowered, have a career opportunity, and benefits to support their health and well-being. With the combination of IC360 Peak Performance, Leadership Development, and Healthy Advantage, we team with you to deliver an ongoing roadmap to truly set your school on the right path for ongoing success.

Work on your Business, Not in your Business

The IC360 Peak Performance program is not a total “set-it and forget-it” program, but it goes a long way to automating key areas that have challenged owners and operators for a significant number of years. If you and your team have less turnover, you will have greater enrollments, you will become more profitable, and your team can have the time to deliver the programs you want to your little ones. This allows owners and operators to move out of the daily routine of putting out fires or trying to hire new staff, while in a classroom. This is a program focused on your peace of mind that your programs for your schools, and the teachers who run them.

Unmatched in the ECE Industry

Many programs focus on tips & tricks, how-to lists, and if/then scenarios. This is a program where you do not have to create it. It is not a one-time training. It is a cultural development and maintenance roadmap. It also replaces your performance management programs as it is one big performance program that manages and empowers teammates to accomplish their assignments.

Your Inspire Care 360 100% Happiness Guarantee

Our #1 priority here at Inspire Care 360 is your happiness. We stand by our Membership 100%. If you have a problem, we will solve it.
If we cannot solve it, you will not be responsible for the remainder of the agreement.

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