Healthcare Is A Must To Create Culture And A Highly Engaged Staff

A stable staff produces happy, healthy and educated kids, which is your main goal.

ECE Healthy Advantage
Your solution to solving the pricey healthcare conundrum

• Affordable
• Flexible
• Designed for ECE

childcare daycare health insurance

Recruit and retain the best people.

Offering health insurance is one of the biggest factors in recruiting and retaining the staff you want. Designed to help you keep your staff healthy and happy for the long term.

childcare daycare health insurance

Protection for when the unexpected happens.

You’ve heard it from them before, many want maternity, vision, dental, hospitalization and more. Now your staff can build their own plans to meet their individual needs.

childcare daycare health insurance

Benefit administrator provides organization, ease and simplicity

You’ll have a world-class administrator to assist and guide you through every step of the process. Your administration of healthcare is eliminated when the Healthy Advantage benefit liaison supports the enrollment, implementation, customer service and ongoing reporting to payroll.

childcare daycare health insurance

Plan options to fit your school’s
affordable and flexible needs

Plans include primary and specialty office visits, plus wellness & preventive services, urgent care, lab services, and prescriptions. Rest easy, knowing that your valued employees are taken care of.

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Message From
The Founder

We learned an important lesson operating our own schools. The secret sauce is your people.

Successful schools have one thing in common – they develop a great culture. Wages and positive energy cannot get you there by itself. Healthcare benefits provide safety and employee satisfaction.

Over the past 2 years, IC360 found a way to provide a highly flexible affordable healthcare program for all in ECE. We have witnessed a 50% reduction in turnover as well as staff moral improving 40% since implemented this program.*

*average results from our schools and IC360 Members’ schools.

Anthony A. D’Agostino
Founder and CEO

“In the childcare field, a lot of centers do not offer any type of health benefits, so being able to offer ECE Healthy Advantage gives us an advantage compared to other centers. It puts us with the big franchises that have hundreds of locations by being able to offer the same type of healthcare for our staff. We chose ECE Healthy Advantage because we wanted to offer benefits to our staff. I believe this helps with recruiting, too.”

Aretha Kitson

Owner of Kidz Ink, 6 locations

I have always offered health insurance to my staff, but have found they usually don’t take it. The staff said they couldn’t afford it, even though I was paying for half of it. I was looking for something that could give my staff basic insurance – the things they need day-to-day, and that are affordable for them. With ECE Healthy Advantage, I can even offer to pay for them because it’s so affordable. It will also help with retaining staff. Health insurance is really expensive and that’s one piece I can take care of for them (staff) and it will likely keep them with us for the long term.”

Kathy Gray 

Owner of Creative Critters, 5 locations

Recruit and retain staff by offering healthcare they want.

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