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ECE Healthy Advantage™

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Designed to help childcare center owners retain and recruit the best staff, our qualified benefit programs offer five tiers of coverage, suitable for every lifestyle!

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ECE Healthy Advantage™

Imagine a Healthcare Plan built with Childcare Teachers, Staff, Administration, and Owner-Operators in mind! We built ECE Healthy Advantage from the ground up to do what most healthcare plans don’t:
  • Incentivize staff to stay with your school.
  • Added incentive to be a differentiator when you recruit staff.
  • Significantly lower the cost of healthcare for Childcare staff ($45-$130/person a month).
  • Significantly lower and standardize the premium per person for the Owners ($25-$50/person a month)
ECE Healthy Advantage  meets the Affordable Care Act requirements to avoid the Large Penalty A. It allows you to roll out a well-thought-out series of plans that an employee can choose for themselves and or their families. All Plans come with no additional charge, ECE Benefit Administration, and the Employee Navigator App for your team.

Affordable Medical Plan Options for Everyday Care

childcare daycare health insurance

Ultra, plus copays for Brand RX, specialist visits, labs, and x-rays

Virtual, plus copays for Primary Care visits and Urgent Care, Network discount applied to specialist visits, labs, and x-rays

Basic, plus copays for generic RX and behavioral health (3x/year)

Preventive Care paid at 100%, telehealth with $0 copay, RX discount

If an employee doesn’t choose a plan, you as the employer can choose to give everyone access to Telemedicine. There are also voluntary supplemental plans available!

Our supplementary plans include:

  • Dental Plan with Optional Vision Benefit
  • Group Accident Insurance
  • Group Medical Bridge Insurance
  • Group Critical Care Insurance

Not sure which plan is right for you? That’s okay – let’s talk and we’ll help you figure out the best fit!

Let IC360 Administer Your Program

We’ll take the hard work off of your shoulders and get your employees set up with the plan that makes the most sense for them. As part of ECE Benefits Administration, we will…

Conduct a Census

Educate Your Staff

Promote Awareness

Complete a Virtual or Face-to-Face Rollout

Manage Plans Through Employee Navigator

Manage Your Payroll Information

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