Director Workshop – March 7 2023

PART II Maximizing Your Recruiting Efforts: How to Avoid Duplication & Focus on Quality Candidates

Are you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with your recruiting efforts?

Join us for PART II of our Director’s Workshop on Tuesday, March 7th at 1:00 PM EST to learn how to save time and effort while still getting the best results! Don’t worry if you missed the first workshop, we’ll be diving back in and are available to answer your questions.

We’ll cover topics such as creating a unified recruiting process, utilizing recruitment automation, and leveraging our IC360 technology to reduce manual effort. You don’t want to miss this invaluable opportunity to reduce duplicate recruiting efforts and make the best use of your resources.

Register now and take the first step to streamlining your recruiting process!

  • Learn how to create effective, comprehensive job descriptions quickly and accurately
  • Learn how to not duplicate your job postings – so you don’t compete against yourself!
  • Discover the latest IC360 advancements in continuing education and professional development
  • Explore strategies for achieving Peak Performance with your childcare team

Can’t make it? Don’t worry!
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