Matt Foster

Director of Learning & Development

Matt is responsible for overseeing Inspire Care 360’s learning and developmental values as well as administering our content delivery platform, Inspire University. He is also involved in updating and managing existing training materials in addition to designing and developing new content.

With a background in technical support, instructional design, and LMS management he brings a unique combination of creativity and problem-solving to the team. His experience watching his mother’s career as an early childhood educator allows him to empathize and relate with our community.

Outside of Inspire Care 360, Matt enjoys spending his spare time in the woods with his wife and their collection of pets (two dogs and a three-legged cat). He is also involved in board gaming from both a player and a designer perspective.

Favorite Bands: Les Claypool, Pink Floyd, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Warren Zevon
Favorite Sport: Slamball
Favorite Location: Adirondacks
Favorite Food: Barbeque

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